"I support Mona Armstrong for District Judge - In addition to her many years of court experience- she has worked tirelessly to make our County a better place to Live and Work - her Leadership roles include McLaren Port Huron Hospital, Community Foundation, Blue Water 'Y', Girl Scouts, and many others - please join me and support Mona in November. "​

Retired CEO, Port Huron Hospital

Don Fletcher         

Community Advocate

“As Mayor of the City of Port Huron, I recognize the need for impartial judges with the utmost of integrity to preside over our County Courts. Mona Armstrong is such a person and I encourage everyone to join me in voting for Judge Armstrong to retain her position as a 72nd District Court Judge” 




Mayor Pauline Repp

Mayor, Port Huron

“Mona Armstrong has the trial experience and integrity to continue to serve as our district court judge. I am confident Mona is the right choice for the right reasons.”


Greg Stremers

Attorney, Port Huron

"You have my support Mona. We need competent and concerned people on the bench. You are all that!"


 Joe and Stacy Bixler

Treasurer/Trustee, Port Huron Area School District

"Mona’s 25 years as an assistant prosecutor along with her dedication and passion for serving and improving our community make her uniquely qualified to serve as District Court Judge. I am proud to endorse Mona Armstrong for District Court Judge. I have known Mona for many years. Her strong commitment and passion for this community make her an excellent choice for District Court Judge. I am proud to support Mona Armstrong for District Court Judge."

 Sherry and Rob Archibald

Mayor Pro Tem, Port Huron City Council

"I am very excited to wholeheartedly endorse the candidacy of Mona Armstrong for judge on the District Court. Mona, throughout her career as an assistant prosecutor, has exhibited the highest standard of integrity and dedication to serving the citizens of St. Clair County. She displays the same level of commitment and compassion in her everyday job as she does on the many boards she serves on. This county will be greatly served by a judge like Mona Armstrong."

Rasha Demashkieh, RPH

"I strongly support Judge Armstrong. She has it all— court room expertise from her fighting as a prosecutor for us, knowledge of our community and who we are through her work and years of community service, and the rare ability to know when to be tough and when to be compassionate."


Chuck Kelly

Attorney, Port Huron

"It is my pleasure to endorse Mona Armstrong for St. Clair County 72nd District Court Judge. I have known and worked with Mona well over 20 years, and have found her to be fair, honest, professional, articulate, and a true seeker of justice for all.


Mona’s advocacy and guidance were key in the establishment of the Blue Water Area Child Advocacy Center which serves St. Clair County children and families in many important ways. I hope you will join me in supporting Mona Armstrong for St. Clair County 72nd District Court Judge."

Sally Straffon

Retired Director, SCC Child Abuse and Neglect Council

"It comes with great pleasure to endorse the retention of Mona Armstrong as our 72nd District Court Judge. I have worked with Mona in her capacity as a St. Clair County Prosecutor for over twenty years. With a record that speaks for itself, Mona is a prime example of what makes our legal system the best in the world. With her involvement in numerous organizations, Mona has always been an upstanding example of what dedication and leadership is in our community. I know that Judge Armstrong will continue to be dedicated to her commitment as a fair, honest and impartial Judge for St. Clair County."


Chief Michael Koach 

 Clay Township Police Chief

Hon. Amy Ronayne Krause and Kurt Krause

Judge, Michigan Court of Appeals

Ann Murphy

Board of Trustees, PHASD

Laurie Oldford

Board of Trustees, PHASD

Hon. Richard Cooley

Retired Judge, 72nd District Court

Hon. David Nicholson

Retired Judge, 72nd District Court

Hon. Cynthia Platzer

Retired Judge, 72nd District Court

Peter George

Retired Prosecutor, St. Clair County

Artie Bryson

Township Supervisor, Clay Township

Chief Heather Fantin 

Chief of Police, Capac 

Chief Scott Pike

Chief of Police, Imlay City

Chief Tim Raker

St. Clair Police Department

Chief Jim Heaslip

Marine City Police Department

Retired Sheriff Dan and Rita Lane

Jim and Renee Jones

Associate Professor-SC4, and Retired Captain-Port Huron Police Department


Jim DeLacy

Retired Lieutenant, St. Clair County Sheriff's Office


Robert Beaton

Attorney, Marine City


Sophia Curry

Attorney, Port Huron and Detroit

David Oppliger

Attorney, Fort Gratiot

Vickie Albert

Susan Alderman

Pam and Patty Allen

Dr. Steven J. Amey

Bill Barnwell


Terri Bartley

Heather Bearden


Betsy Bearss 

Bethany Belanger

Jackie Bligh

Mike Bodeis

Barry Brockdorff

Max and Lori Brockdorff

Harold and Mary Jane Burns

Cortney Carl

David Corry

Mark and Lynn Dedenbach

Rebecca Denomme

Jim and Rachael Dickinson

Sandy Duffy

Sheryl Eckert

Lionel and Susan Ellerkamp

Beth Engel

Ann Marie Ernst

Juanita Gittings

Ray and Vickie Gleason

Reinette Goldsworthy

Gene and Betty Haley

Brian Harris

Ellen Hoover

Dr. Amanda Hurtubise

Dr. Frank Jenio

Deb Johnson 

Jerry and Donna Keller

Megan Leyva Kelley

Tim Koerber

Kim Krueger

Dr. Geof Kusch

Deborah Lepley

Sal and Hilda Leyva

Anthony Lindsay

Yvonne McMillan


Nancy Miller

Michael Morenko

Justin Neil

Connie Nicholson

Will and Ann Marie Oldford

Mary Palmateer

Tom and Becky Reilly

Ed and Alice Rieves

Ronda Ryan

Mike and Amy Sanderson

Kevin Schalm

Randy Schultz

Colleen Titus

Karl Tomion

Tom and Cathy Torrey

Carolann Tremble

John and Denise Walke

Pam Wall

Josh and Andrea Wallace

Scott and Carol Watson

Barb Winters


LiUNA Local 1075

Ironworkers Local 25

Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights

Operating Engineers Local 24

UAW Region 1

Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Lodge #129

City of St. Clair Police Officers Association

Clay Township Police Officers Association

Marine City Police Officers Association - POAM

Marysville Police Officers Association - POAM

Port Huron Police Officers Association - POAM

Port Huron Police Command Officers Association - COAM

St. Clair County Sheriff’s Deputies - POAM

St. Clair County Command Officers Association - COAM

"I have known Mona Armstrong for over 25 years, through her tenure with the St. Clair County Prosecutor's Office. She has exhibited excellent judicial temperament such as self-discipline, patience, open-mindedness, compassion, firmness and common sense. She is intelligent and consistently carries the qualities required to be a judge and is well respected in our community.”

St. Clair County

Tim Donnellon, Sheriff

"As a District Judge, Mona Armstrong meets all the requirements and exceeds them.  Mona Armstrong is a Judge with integrity, sincerity, and has a passion to serve.  Justice in her court is administered equally and fairly.  As a Prosecuting Attorney, she tempered equally between the accused and victims.  I cannot say enough about Mona's character, and what she will continue to do as a District Court Judge in our County."

Doug Hunter

Capac, Michigan

"I wholeheartedly endorse Mona Armstrong to remain our District Court Judge.  As a resident businesswoman deeply committed to philanthropy in our community, I have witnessed her ongoing efforts to make our community better.  From taking on leadership roles in several local charitable organizations, to dedicating her career to keeping our community safe, she has proven herself to be the best choice in November.  Please join me in casting your vote for Judge Mona Armstrong."

Donna Niester

"Not only has Mona Armstrong been a great Prosecutor and District Court Judge, she has been a true friend to the Ange family.  Mona has our full support. God Bless her."

Bob (Marv) and Marjorie Ange

Port Huron, Michigan

Community Leader, Fort Gratiot Township

 "Why do I support Judge Armstrong for District Court?  District Court is a trial court and needs an experienced trial attorney who knows the workings of the court. Judge Armstrong has that experience. I have personally on many occasions watched Judge Armstrong in trials, motions and sentencings. She was passionate, dedicated, knowledgeable, and prepared. 


Judge Armstrong will treat victims and their families with dignity and respect. She will follow the rule of law and protect the Constitutional integrity of the court. That is why I fully support Keeping Judge Mona Armstrong in District Court."

Ken Lord 

Former Senior Trial Attorney,

Defense Attorney, and Veteran

      St. Clair County Command 

Officers Association (COAM)

"The members of the St. Clair County Command Officer’s Association (COAM), are very pleased to endorse you for the position of St. Clair County District Court Judge this November. Your tireless dedication and commitment to the legal profession and the citizens of St. Clair county epitomize the qualities essential for someone who has attained and earned the title of Honorable Judge. You will without a doubt continue to be a tremendous asset and advocate for all the citizens of our county."

Endorse Judge Armstrong!




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